Body and soul have survived the torrents of life's wind tunnel and I have the songs to prove it. "A Jug of Kindness," "Slow the Monkey Mind," "A Beautiful Life," "Robert Johnson's Guitar," "Two Will Make a Circle," "One Small Candle," "Oh! Deer," and more. It is time for a new album, or two. I will do my best. In the meantime, I am performing. Check the Events page to see where and when.

Peace, Love, Joy, Music, -Merlin

No. 2 Album on FOLKDJ-L Chart

Wisconsin Trail, Fall 2019

Wisconsin Trail, Fall 2019

News - May 2, 2017
is the No. 2 Album on the April 2017 FOLKDJ-L chart of Top 70 albums. Thanks to the folk radio DJs who have been playing songs from the album. The songs getting the most airplay are "Abraham's Light"; "Fly Away Sail Away"; "Procrastination Blues"; "Cold Rain"; and "Fresh Dirt". And big thanks to Kari Estrin for the support you have provided.

Bruce Springsteen said recently, "I believe every artist had someone who told them that they weren’t worth dirt and someone who told them that they were the second coming of the baby Jesus, and they believed ‘em both," I've heard both of those voices in my head, sometimes in the same day. Right now I find myself simultaneously grateful and disbelieving. Thanks to anyone who ever, for any momentary wisp of time, believed in me.

                                   ~     ~     ~
WELCOME to the web site of California-based singer-songwriter-guitarist and wordsmith Merlin Snider. That's me. I have made three albums and you can listen and
read some of the nice things other people have said about them here. The brand new CD is One Light Many Windows. Kelly Z bought a copy and wrote this on Facebook: "Just heard Merlin Snider's new CD, 'One Light, Many Windows'. Wow! Great performances and songwriting! Great production by Ed Tree!" General radio release will be March 31. The CD Release Concert will be April 1, 2017.

Remember to keep singing, keep walking forward, keep your balance, keep your sense of humor, and I will too. See you down the road.

Peace, Love, Joy, Music,
Herd of Cats

Herd of Cats

NEWS - April 20, 2017
ONE LIGHT MANY WINDOWS, released to radio March 31, is climbing the folk music chart on Much thanks to all the radio DJs playing the songs. More on that to follow.

We have uploaded to YouTube a few of the live performances from the April 1 concert. Here is one of them.

"Fresh Dirt" live version with Pretty Good Acquaintances

NEWS - April 10, 2017
We had the release concert. People loved the Art Trek studio. I loved seeing so many good friends - old ones, new ones, in between ones. I hope to have video of some of the songs available to post soon. We put up some pictures from the night here. I like the one of the audience. Happy and/or engaged faces. Banjo Gal singer-songwriter Donna Lynn Caskey did a song to open the second set, one of my favorites from her new CD.

There's a little article on the CD release in the Thousand Oaks Acorn. I had one old friend show up just because she read the article in the Acorn that morning. (practically irrelevant aside - for those who know my previous album, this person was the inspiration for "Molly's Got Her Red Dress On." She was not wearing a red dress and never has to my recollection).

Radio. We released the new album to folk radio March 31. Early response this first week and a half has been good. I'm going to make a page to thank the DJs playng the CD. More later . . .


THE WOODSHED SESSIONS with The Susie Glaze New Folk Ensemble & Merlin Snider

Coffee Gallery Backstage, 2029 N. Lake Ave., Altadena, CA 91001

Susie Glaze is restarting her series, The Woodshed Sessions at the Coffee Gallery Backstage. Susie sez, "We do it once a month on Fridays, with a new featured act sharing the bill with us each month." I will be sharing the stage with them May 15. Mark Indictor is in The Susie Glaze New Folk Ensemble too so he'll working his fiddle twice as hard this night. The Coffee Gallery Backstage website:

Left to right: Mark Indictor, Deborah Snider, Merlin Snider

Left to right: Mark Indictor, Deborah Snider, Merlin Snider

Deborah, Merlin, Mark at the Coffee Gallery

Deborah, Merlin, Mark at the Coffee Gallery

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