One Light Many Windows 

"A great album by American singer-songwriter Merlin Snider, who I think is terrific. He’s got such a storytelling way, drawing you in to the songs, and the music never gets in the way. It’s quite an art isn’t it?”

                ~ Frank Hennessey, Celtic Heartbeat, BBC Wales

"All the music of One Light Many Windows is memorable, beautifully produced and performed. . . . Each track is 'just right.'”  
                ~ Terry Baily, Read more.

"This is an extraordinary album full of light, air, and profound lyrics. I urge everyone to get this and play it often and loud. Feel the rhythms and sing to the lyrics. You'll feel excited, blessed and at peace - all at the same time!"
               ~ Bonnie O'

"It was a thrill to hear Merlin Snider’s latest CD, One Light Many Windows:  one great song after another!  This one is a gem which will get a lot of airplay on FOLK ESPRESSO.
                ~ Diane Hunt, DJ, Folk Espresso, KBOO, Portland

"Received mine this morning. I've been out and about all day listening to it in the car and love it. Thanks Merlin Snider for the gift you are."  ~ Bonnie Beckman

"Man! What a wonderful piece of work! Janelle and I put in on in the car as we left Green Bay, WI on Jan 2, after having spent the holidays with my daughter and family. It was the perfect accompaniment for a dairyland January. The CD is simply first class; from the lyrics, music, performances, engineering, etc, etc, I was thoroughly impressed. Nothing let me down whatsoever. I told Janelle, I think it's probably the best CD project I have ever been a part of. Thank you so much for having invited me to play. Excellent work, my friend, and truly hope to do more in the future." ~ Robin Swenson

"What a beautiful record Merlin. It was an honour to be a part of it." ~ Sheena Rattai

"Its a great album and an honour to be a small part!" ~ Daniel Jordan

"Beautiful title cut, beautiful record... I'm proud to be associated with you." ~ Rebecca Troon

Praise for Right Here

"This album is a comfortable friend to have in my CD player."
            - Steve Clarke, host, Acoustic Planet, Erin Radio

“My own favorites are 'Insomnia,' 'Yellow Moon,' 'Stuck in Ojai,' and 'Drink of You.' There are several others that I'll play as well. I predict success for this eclectic, swingy, and innovative album.”
             - Larry Hillberg, host, Back Roads, KVRM. 

“[Merlin] has assembled an outstanding group of musicians, authored a tremendous collection of songs, engineered an ultimately pleasurable listening experience and produced an album that will be a ‘must have’ for connoisseurs of the singer-songwriter folk genre.” More
             -, January 2009

“Merlin Snider is a craftsman . . .  about as fine a songwriter and story teller as you’re likely to find. ‘Right Here’ is a classic album.”  More
              - Wildy’s World, June 5, 2009
   "Amazing arrangements, I love it. The record bleeds love. The cover reflects a simple and deep sensibility that serves the album well. A great album and a beautiful gift from you to the world."
               - Stephen Jay (Peabody Award winning composer, bassist in Weird Al Yankovic band)
   “As I type I am on my second run of listening to "Right Here" which I found in the mail this morning . . .OUT OF SIGHT, GREAT, CLASSIC MERLIN !  . . . Thank you.  Well worth waiting for, though the next CD would be appreciated sooner!”
                - Wynn Allen 


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DJs and listeners respond to Between

"The writing is acute, the playing is sharp. It is high quality across the board."
               - John McLaughlin, ESU Radio, PA

"Hello Jesus" listed among the best songs of 2000.
               - David Weide, host of Mostly Folk, KUNV FM

"A stickler for well-crafted lyrics_
              - Caryn Gilbet, Pasadena Weekly

"Contrary to ordinary." 
              - FRoots magazine

"Merlin is original, not a run of the mill thinker. His work crackles with intelligence. We're proud to know him."
              -  Phee Sherline Graydon

“‘All These Novembers’ is the best love song I've heard.  I want to play it at my wedding and also at my anniversaries.  Merlin's songwriting gift is the ability to use words to create vivid images and emotions.   Colorful and evocative while steering clear of sticky sweet sappiness.” 
                 - Jon Jackson 
   “We listened to your CD yesterday and enjoyed all the songs.  I really like “Joliet,” which I don’t think you played on Saturday night.  The song about your grandmother, “Henrietta,” has really stuck with me.  Very haunting and sad... I’ll close by saying that we both felt so upbeat during and after your concert.  Given what is going on in the world, you and your band were a real bright spot in a difficult week. So inspirational!”
                 - Sue 

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The audience speaks

     “Merlin Snider does all the right things on stage.  He not only sings and plays but he is the genuine article when it comes to wit, humor and being a sparkling personality.  He wears no glitter, never bares his belly button and to tell the truth, his dancing needs work.  In other words he delivers the real goods.   He is a solid headline act and a delight to behold.” 
                  -- Bob Stane, The Coffee Gallery Backstage

“Saw and heard you the first time this weekend at the Coffee Gallery.  The performance raised echoes of Tom Paxton, Tom Rush, Neil Young, and maybe Gordon Lightfoot or Steve Goodman, John Prine, ...the list goes on.  I very much enjoyed the substance and style.  Santa Cruz, Yellow Moon, This Old House...  good stuff.  Really good.  I look forward to your next CD.”     
                  - Don Gibbs
   “You have a keen, insightful poetic style... an unusual voice... a surprising quality... a great smile and humor.  Reminded me a bit of Garrison Keilor.  My husband and I really enjoyed the show... and your musical acquaintances... such talent.”
                  - Lynn
   “Your timing, songs, and guitar are wonderful.  Debbie and your band, wonderful.  Your stories between songs are perfect.  A good combination of stories, politics, spiritual messages and off the cuff remarks.... Most of all Merlin, your music is wonderful.  It is wonderful musically, and the lyrics are powerful.  Your have created a spiritually uplifting and freeing truth-telling emotional experience for your audiences.”
                  -- Terry 
   “You definitely have two new fans, myself and my husband, Barry.  We think you and the group are just terrific.  I hope Yellow Moon is on your next CD.  The tune you introduced as your summer song (Drink of You) was very special also. Your rendition of John Lennon’s Across the Universe was great tool  Oh heck, they were all a delight!” 
                  -- Cynthia 
   “You are a genuine, and from the heart, Storyteller, who has much to say... and much that should be heard.  Thank you for the gift of your music.” 
                   -- Beth